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   Website Design
Are you looking for web page design services? Your search ends here....creating a website have never been more easier!!

Creating a website that interactively promotes your business with precise information - be it a small or mid-size business-requires an innovative bent of mind with in-depth e-market exposure to better understand regional trade requirements. Web design is chiefly concerned with the arrangement and presentation of text-based content. Our web site designing team keeps in mind design details like the look and feel of the website, ease of navigation, interaction, easy and fast opening pages while designing web pages.

Any design work should be rich in content, informative, have attractive layout, easily navigable in short simple at the same time attractive. Websites have become the most popular way of marketing your company through the world wide web at affordable rates. The kind of reach obtained in a website is not comparable to any other medium which is the reason why more and more companies are putting their sites on the web.

While designing, we also take care that the web site is creating to client's business needs. Once the project is with us, it is our endeavor to complete the project in the given time frame.

American Systems USA Inc. helps enhance existing sites by making them interactive and dynamic. This is done by providing Web based Applications such as chat, message board, mailing lists, guest book, counters, polls and form validations which can be integrated with the customer's existing systems.

Working with American Systems USA Inc., you get the strength of a proven full service technology integrator with the close collaboration of a smaller shop. Some of our most popular solutions are:

•  Real Estate Websites Design Solution
•  Integrated Online Product Cataloguing System
•  Online Shopping Carts
•  E-Commerce
•  Flash and Interactive sites

   Flash Website Design

American Systems designs are appealing, smart websites which attract viewers and effectively convey your message so that you get results. We focus on making websites that are easy to navigate, without compromising aesthetic quality. Our websites incorporate solid graphic design skills, high-end programming applications, and cutting edge optimization techniques

   Banner Ads

Banners have been proven to create excellent brand marking. In fact, public remembers banners 20% more than television ads. An advertising banner is still the most effective method of building traffic to your web site quickly.

One-stop solutions for banner ads, creative & design
Banner advertising is the Internet version of display advertising. There are two major reasons that banner advertising has become so successful:

•  Banners have been proven to create excellent brand marketing. In fact, the public remembers banners 20% more than television ads.

•  An advertising banner is the most effective method of building traffic to your web site quickly other than free classified ads. Banners bring people who click on your banner directly to your "portal page."

We specialize in creating professional quality flash and interactive banners. To achieve higher CTR's, we use mainly Flash to develop visually outstanding, animated banners which can carry more text, frames, and more informative design.

A well designed flash banner can always attract more eyeballs and clicks, than a static image that remains still. Most banner ads you see on major portals such as Yahoo! are Flash banners.

Types of banners
•  Flash & GIF Banner Design
•  Interactive & Playable Banners

   User Interface Design

User interfaces in computing
In computer science and human-computer interaction , the user interface (of a computer program) refers to the graphical, textual and auditory information the program presents to the user, and the control sequences (such as keystrokes with the computer keyboard , movements of the computer mouse , and selections with the touchscreen ) the user employs to control the program.

Currently the following types of user interface are the most common:

  • Graphical user interfaces , which accept input via devices such as computer keyboard and mouse and provide articulated graphical output on the computer monitor . There are at least two different principles widely used in GUI design: object-oriented interfaces and application oriented interfaces.
  • Web-based user interfaces , which accept input and provide output by generating web pages which are transported via the Internet and viewed by the user using a web browser program.
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