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   E-Mail Campaign

Use American Systems-Leading Email Marketing Automation Tools to Build Responsive Marketing Programs and Lasting Relationships For online businesses of all kinds, email is the essential ingredient. With it, you can add a whole new level of responsiveness to your Web site, shopping cart, lead capture and lead generation programs turning prospects into paying customers faster and laying the foundation for lasting and profitable relationships.

E-mail marketing is popular with companies because:

  • It is extremely cheap. Compared to direct mailing or printed newsletters the costs are negligible. The advertiser does not need to pay for production, paper, printing or postage.
  • It is instant, as opposed to a mailed advertisement; an email arrives in a few seconds or minutes.
  • It lets the advertiser "push" the message to its audience, as opposed to a website that waits for customers to come in.
  • It is easy to track. An advertiser can track bounce-backs, positive or negative responses, click-throughs, rise in sales.
  • It has been proven successful when well done.
  • When most people switch on their computer the first thing they do is check their email.
  • Deliver relevant content targeted to demographics, interests or behaviors
  • Sustain ongoing newsletter or other brand-building programs
American Systems has been helping online businesses like yours use email marketing to succeed. Contact us today to see how our solution can help your business grow.

   Banner Advertisement

Banner advertising is the Internet version of display advertising. There are two major reasons that banner advertising has become so successful:

  • Banners have been proven to create excellent brand marketing. In fact, the public remembers banners 20% more than television ads.
  • An advertising banner is the most effective method of building traffic to your web site quickly other than free classified ads. Banners bring people who click on your banner directly to your "portal page."

We specialize in creating professional quality flash and interactive banners. To achieve higher CTR's, we use mainly Flash to develop visually outstanding, animated banners which can carry more text, frames, and more informative design.

A well designed flash banner can always attract more eyeballs and clicks, than a static image that remains still. Most banner ads you see on major portals such as Yahoo! are Flash banners.

Types of banners

  • Flash & GIF Banner Design
  • Interactive & Playable Banners
   Newsletter Design

Newsletters are an excellent way to keep in touch with clients or people who share a similar interest. In this day and age of email, businesses are now converting their newsletters into electronic email format. One of the great advantages of using a newsletter is the wealth of information that it can provide to your readers that is not available by the mainstream press. In addition to providing information to your clients, newsletters are an excellent way to solicit more business.

Newsletter is essential for your website to have a method of contacting your interested visitors. It can be an invaluable asset for a variety of reasons.

Even if subscribers have never bought a single item from you, once they give you permission to contact them, they provide you with a resource which is useful in several ways. The first aspect is obvious: Instead of being a random person who stumbles onto your site and bounces away again, someone who joins your update letter gives you the opportunity to increase your brand recognition and market your products and services to them, letting them know when the hottest and newest items appear. Having your name in mind makes them more likely to return to your site or brick-and-mortar store.

Besides simply being another sales ad, the interactive nature of mailing lists can be used to your benefit for research purposes. Your list of subscribers becomes a free, targeted focus group you can use to determine your customer demographic, what your customers want and need, suggestions from users about how to improve your business, and much more important information.

   Online Promotion

American Systems specializes in Internet marketing and web site promoting service to promote your business effectively on the Internet.

The Internet has become the most cost effective advertising medium in the world, isn't it time your business was a part of it? Many businesses across the world have made the transition from being a local company serving a local community, to a global company. The Internet has allowed companies to expand their targeted audiences, to include a global customer, outside their normal business area. Effective Internet marketing is the most important part of your website development process.

At American Systems, our staff are experts and have years of marketing experience in successfully designing, developing, and marketing our clients website's. American Systems will effectively market your website by providing search engine registration and positioning services to ensure that your website is found by the people who are looking for your products and services they need. Our staff will ensure that the appropriate HTML tags are inserted within your web pages that search engines need to rank and position your website. This is the most important aspect that should not be overlooked. We will also make sure that your website is listed on the first 10 or first 20 results on the most popular search engines. This will maximize your website's Internet exposure. Many companies brag about being able to register your website to hundreds of search engines on the web, but this does very little good if they are search engines few people use and know about.
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