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Q: How do I organize folders in MS Outlook to receive mails from pop3 account automatically?

A: 1.Open your MS Outlook
2.Create a folder(Eg. Info) in left panel under Personal Folder
2.Goto tools -> Organize
3.Select (Eg. Info) to "Move message selected below to"
4.In create a rule to move new messages,enter the information as below
i. select from selection list
ii. Enter Email ID(
iii. In into field enter (ie. Info)
5.Click on 'create' Button
6. Similarlly you cam organize other folders

Q: My Mailbox exceeded Quota. How to Delete?
My Mailbox exceeded Quota. How to Delete messages in Inbox?

A: If you are not able to delete messages in inbox, kindly follow the given steps,

1. Goto and get login into your mailbax
2. Goto Options -> Folder Preferences
3. Under Special Folder, assign 'Do not use trash' to Trash. Scroll down window and you find submit button.
4. click on submit
5. Goto Inbox and try to delete messages now
6. after that, don't forget to reassign 'Trash' to 'Trash Folder' using the same procedure

Q: MS Outlook Express Keeps on asking Username and Password
Why does MS Outlook Express keep on asking Username and Password?

A: Check Accout Username and password which should have exact match with login information mentioned in Email sent by American Systems.
Check Incoming Mail Server which should have exact match with Incoming mail server information mentioned in Email sent by American Systems.
if none of the options help you, please send email to

Q: Error:554 Relay Access Denied
I cannot send Emails for only certain Email addresses and getting Error:"554 Relay Access Denied" in MS Outlook Express?

1.Goto tools -> accounts
2.Click on Mail tab
3.Select your Account and goto Properties
4.Click on Server tab
5.Enable "My Server requires Authentication" and goto Settings
6.Under Logon Information, Select Log on using and Enter Username and Password.
7.Click on OK

Q: Email configuration.
How configure email in microsoft outlook?

A: Following are the steps to configure the email in microsoft outlook

  • Click on "TOOLS".
  • Click on "EMAIL ACCOUTNS".
  • Click on "ADD A NEW E- MAIL ACCOUNT" and Click NEXT .
  • Select " POP 3" and click NEXT .
  • Fill YOUR NAME with your name, like "Mohammd Nawaz".
  • Fill E- MAIL ADDRESS with your current email address, like
  • Fill USER NAME with your login name provided by us for outlook
  • Fill PASSWORD with your password provided by us.
  • Fill INCOMING MAIL SERVER ( POP 3) with mail.yourdomain. like
  • Fill OUTGOING MAIL SERVER (SMTP) with same as above.
  • Click on "MORE SETTINGS".
  • Click on "OUTGOING SERVER".
  • Click "OK".
  • Click " NEXT "
  • Click "FINISH".

A: Following are the steps to configure the Pop3 Email with MS Outlook Express.

Step 1

Open MS Outlook,  go to TOOLS then click ACCOUNTS ... as shown in the picture.

Step 2

A new window will open like the picture shown below. Click the MAIL button  then followed by the ADD
button then MAIL Button.

Step 3

Type your name or any desired name to identify your account.

Step 4

Type your full Email Address (i.e. your Email Id should be followed by an " @ " symbol and then your
Domain Name.

Step 5

Select the option POP3 for the My incoming mail server Type.
In the next two field enter

Step 6

In this window you have to enter your Outlook Username in the Account Name column.
Then use the given Password in the password column.

Step 7

You have successfully configured your Pop3 Email. Now press Finish button.

Step 8

Select the account you created now and click properties

Step 9

Select the servers and then check the box for My server required authentication in the Out going mail server
and click Settings.

Step 10

Select "Logon Using" Option.
In this window you have to enter your Outlook Username in the Account Name column.
Then use the given Password in the password column and click OK . This will enable the account to send mails.
Apply the changes and finish the setup.

Step 11

Close the Internet Accounts window by clicking the Close button

Step 12

Now it is time to check your Email. Please click the small arrow mark in the right hand side of Send/Receive
button then select Your Account from the list. Now all your mails will be downloaded to the Inbox. Now relax
and check your mails.

Q: What is Email?

What is Email?

A: Email is short for "electronic mail". It is a service for sending messages and files from one computer to another computer. The computers can be within one company or anywhere in the world. The messages travel almost instantaneously. Email is also sometimes spelt "e-mail".










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