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Property Management Software offers the easiest way to organize your property investment income, expense and client information all in one place. Replace overstuffed folders and spreadsheets with one simple system that organizes information by categories. Property Management software helps you to:

•  Save hours at tax time
•  Stay on top of your income
•  See how your properties are performing

Main Features :

Rent Management System

  • Landlord Details
  • Tenant Details
  • Property Details
  • Property Inventory
  • Property Reservation
  • Tenant Contract and agreement
  • Payments scheduler
  • Installments scheduler
Sales Management System
  • Details about the floor plan , images of the properties
  • Organisation of inventory for multiple properties
  • Assigning units for each building and linked with floor, unit level
  • Sorting and searching of properties by various criteria
  • Properties, units and rooms
  • Differentiating the status of the properties by colour coding ( Vacancy . reservation , sold or blocked )
  • Ability to create multiple templates for contracts
  • Commission calculation and payment details
Clients Management
  • Enter / modify and maintain individual clients or company. Ability to store the complete information including passport, trade-licence and photo of the client.
  • Registration of tenant's / Prospect's enquiries and assigning it to the sales person.
  • Ability to allow the prospects to register themselves through the website and integrate that information directly to the system
  • Blocking of units for the time frame. Automated / manual release of units once the deadline has passed.
  • Tracking of calls , follow-ups and visits etc

Auto Reminders and Notification


User Creation and Allocation of Rights and Roles




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