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Internet Cafe Control
: Take control of your cyber café shop. Explore to get the new internet cafe management strategies, flexible marketing plans, billing and more easily than ever.

Cyber Café has many unique features optimized for Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Gaming Cafe, Game Center . If you are internet cafe owner and looking for the easiest internet cafe software
Café Control is designed primarily for Cyber Internet Cafe business and also can be used to control the PCs on your intranet. System functions and user interface has been designed to be easy to use with little or no experience in the computer industry. The software allows you to set up various marketing plans for each user to choose from.

Cyber Café is Client / Server application which allows you to easily manage and monitor all client machines status remotely from the Server in on-line and in real time. Administrators can just monitor or manage the things at clients easier from the server, such as shutdown, reboot, Wake-up on LAN, force the user to log-out, see the running applications, Remote Virtual Desktop, etc ....

Cyber café has a high security to prevent the unauthorized users access to your client computers, so just grant access to your customer individually. By creating username/password accounts with the ability to charge the user in various terms.

Main Features  

  • Light weight application.
  • Ultra fast communication.
  • Easy managed.
  • Multi-level permission of Administrator code.
  • Multiple user types.
  • Fully transactions log.
  • Suitable for small to medium-small shops. (1-30 clients)
  • Total screen locking
  • Remove Control-Alt-Delete capabilities. (Windows 9x / Me / XP / 2000 supported)
  • Hides "Control Panel", "Printer Folder", "RUN Command" and "Network neighborhood icon" to prevent damage from users setting.
  • Tooltip Limited/Usage/Remaining time showing in realtime.
  • Automatically log off user after time expires.
  • Automatically log off user after communication to Cafe Control Server Failure.
  • Automatically log off user after Cafe Control server has been shutdown.
  • Automatically Startup with windows.
  • Shutdown/Reboot on the fly by Admin or Emergency Code.
  • Self hiding from system task monitor and manager.
  • Floating real time Scoreboard showing Limited/Usage/Remaining time.
  • Password Changing
  • Stable and reliable.

Café Customer's Benefits

  • Customer is able to change their password.
  • Customer is able to change the machine for using freely.
  • Customer can use their account in other next day until time expires.
  • Easily control their usage time and payments by themselves.

Café Owner's Benefits.

  • Fully protect your systems.
  • More secure for your income.
  • Protect your income.
  • Easily manage your business.
  • Get more for "Cash Flow" immediately (with Normal Limited ).
  • More attractive for your customers for repeat business.
  • Enhances your cyber cafe' with a more professional look etc.


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