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American Systems unveil expansion plans for the Middle East

American Systems USA Inc, recently held their 20th Annual General Meeting at the Ramada Continental Hotel.

The meeting was attended by the entire staff headed by Country Manager Mr. Manazir Abbas. The Chief Guest was Mr. Hashmat Ali Chawla, a leading businessman from Pakistan.

The meeting which was termed UDEECHI (A Learning Process) focused mainly on the company's ambitious expansion plans for the future. The company plans to expand their presence in the Middle East with an eye on future expansion in Europe and South East Asia.

Mr. Mazhar Ali Chawla, Managing Director, American Systems USA Inc said, "We need to foster trust and credibility in the customer. This in turn will enhance our reputation as a trusted provider in the long term."

Looking to the future Mr. Chawla said, "I believe American Systems is now in a very strong position as a provider of internet based services and solutions in Dubai. The time is right for us to go global."

Mr. Chawla also outlined plans for the company's expansion in UAE, Europe and South East Asia. The first phase of expansion has already begun with Mr. Haider and his team engaged in strategic positioning and scouting for business alliances in GCC.

Mr.Chawla further pointed out the need for SME's to get a successful online presence and how American Systems is steadily building expertise across this entire spectrum to support customers at all points.

Mr. Chawla said, "Our strategy should not only be to provide products but also augment them with expert pre-sales advice and after sales support."

Stressing on growth Mr.Chawla said the company is expecting to acquire new customers through creative marketing of its new products and services.

Mr. Chawla stressed that, "In years to come, as the internet matures, the market will polarize with new market leaders emerging and growing at a faster rate than the industry average."

In his closing speech, Mr. Chawla asserted that he was happy with the positive outlook of the organization but cautioned on the challenges ahead from fierce competition.


American Systems unveils new products

American Systems USA, the leading web solution company in the region has unveiled its new products and plans for the coming months.

Mr. Mazhar, managing director of American Systems, read out the expansion policy and the latest inclusions of programmes meant to cater specific booming industries.

Mr.Chawala discussed how it was the right time to move out and expand in the Gulf region which has tremendous potential and business opportunity. Mr.Chawla stressed on the First Mover Advantage by doing so and inching towards being the no. 1 company in the whole Gulf Region.

Keeping in mind the never ending growth in Real Estate and property market Mr. Manazir Abbas (Country Manager) disclosed that Team American Systems has designed a web based program proving to be of great advantage to the real estate agents and property dealers.

Giving out details of the program Mr. Manazir gave a demo of the whole program and showed how user friendly the whole program is.

The program provides a platform which will enable the agent or the property dealer to upload his properties on the website along with the picture and floor plan.

It also gives the provision for an individual to go on the website and list his property on the website. This can result in a lot of time being saved wherein the prospective customer can have a look at the website for the property rather than going to the site to look at the property thus saving enough travelling time.

The Advance search option has been specially programmed to help the user to refine his search criteria and get the results without going through the whole website.

The program has several enhanced features which can be customised for the end users. There are already dozens of takers for the above mentioned program and lot more are there in the list who are trying to avail the facility of this special program.

In short the whole program specifically caters the Real Estate industry and developers keeping in mind the requirements and ease of use.

Mr. Manazir also said that several other industries are also taken into consideration and the development team is dedicated towards coming up with programs for them.

Some of the key industries in consideration are Tourism Industry, Trading industry etc.

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