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E-documentation is a web-based service for the secure storage and access of electronic files and documents for individuals, businesses and corporate enterprise. E-documentation was originally designed to meet the unique confidentiality needs of financial and professional service providers and their clients in such industries as banks, healthcare providers, credit unions, lawyers, CPAs, securities firms, and financial advisors.

While portable computers are vulnerable to theft or damage, e-documentation: Internet file sharing system gives the user peace of mind because your important documents and files are safe and accessible, no matter where the user is. Imagine:
  • No more losing items when upgrading a computer
  • No more losing emails and attached files when changing email accounts

Comfortably receive bills and statements by email because a secure destination topermanently store them is available No more getting to important meetings and your CD-ROM is scratched or unreadable

  • No more traveling between cities and leaving important documents behind

e-documentation is the ideal "access from anywhere, anytime" Internet file sharing system to support an e-document delivery application to individuals, be they employees or customers.

What e-documentation Gives You:

  • Access to e-documentation Anytime, Anywhere - Whether at home, the office or anywhere you travel, the e-documentation owner has immediate access within 24hrs to important documents and files from any PC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The Security of a Bank - People trust their bank with their money because banking practices are regulated and monitored according to federally set standards. You can entrust your electronic assets to e-documentation because
  • Our Internet file sharing system and data storage facility and security measures are monitored and reviewed by both an internal and external audit staff
  • Ease of Use - All that is needed is an Internet connection, a PC and a standard browser to use the service. e-documentation presents an intuitive user interface, based on user-defined folders and drawers, for accessing and managing documents and data.
  • Convenience - Ability to easily select a specific file and upload it to your e-documentation system, or download it from your e-documentation system to a PC.


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