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  American Systems USA, the leading web solution company in the region has unveiled its new products and plans for the coming months. Mr. Mazhar, managing director of American Systems, read out the expansion policy and the latest inclusions of programmes meant to cater specific booming industries.

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"I would have no difficulty in recommending American Systems to anyone wishing to develop a web site. They represent very good value for money and their support service is first rate."
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About American Systems

We are the youngest, aggressive and happening web solution company in Dubai. We are targeting whole of UAE market.
As you all know that we are living in the world of technology like this interface have became an integral part of our life right from the moment you get from the bed in the morning till the moment you go to bed. Each and everything has been computerized like this website is also a part of computer it play a very important role in your life either it may be professional or official so wake up and designed a user friendly and attractive website from us, which gives your company a status symbol, which helps you to gain benefit in your business directly or indirectly.

Working with American Systems USA Inc., you get the strength of a proven full service technology integrator with the close collaboration of a smaller shop. Some of our most popular solutions are:

Real Estate Websites Design Solution
Integrated Online Product Cataloguing System
Online Shopping Carts
Flash and Interactive sites

Who cares more than us about your online presence? We know what we do, we don't promise much but we provide "value for your money".


Website Design
Web Design Dubai

With an emphasis on intuitive navigation and cleanliness, your site becomes easy and informative to the user, with this they are more likely to find the products, services or message you intended for them. Strong integration with existing communications exponentially increases the effectiveness of your site.

The use of technology, particularly low-cost media such as email and website campaigns can distinctly reduce time-to-market and effectiveness of communication to current and potential customers. Our creative team stays current with modern design trends to ensure your web presence out shines your competitors'.Technologies employed: html, asp,, php, mssql, mysql, flash, java script.

American Systems USA Inc.(Web Design Company Dubai) helps enhance existing sites by making them interactive and dynamic. This is done by providing Web based Applications such as chat, message board, mailing lists, guest book, counters, polls and form validations which can be integrated with the customer's existing systems.

Working with American Systems USA Inc.(Website Design Company Dubai), you get the strength of a proven full service technology integrator with the close collaboration of a smaller shop. Some of our most popular solutions are:
Real Estate Websites Design Solution
Integrated Online Product Cataloguing System
Online Shopping Carts
Flash and Interactive sites

Web Development Dubai
Website Development Dubai
Web development is the process of integrating a design, concept, or business initiative on the Internet. For those venturing into the world of web development for the first time, it would mean an analysis of your business by our web business consultant to determine which strategy and approach will benefit your company's online presence.

What does web site development involve? American Systems web developers are interested in leading your way to powerful website creation and then also MAKING Y-O-U-R business work! It demands more than in depth programming skills- it calls for progressive development skills to keep up the lead in an ever-growing web-environment. Website development requires sharp business analysis, requirements analysis and needs assessments apart from adept programming skills- a knack of the web-market to keep on adding to the customer's value chain.
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Some of our domain expertise:

Content Management Solutions
Shopping Cart
Virtual Office
Real Estate
Travel & Tourism
Integrated Catalogue Online System

Software Products Dubai
Audit Pro, Accounting Software, Payroll System, Inventory Management and Picture Project
Software Development Dubai

AuditPro is an accounts program designed for small and medium sized businesses. The main features are it’s intutive nature and simplicity of use. Automated depreciation and prepayments, post dated cheque support, automatd reminders and backup are the main features that AuditPro provides.

AuditPro has been customized for the Middle East and has local as well as online support available.
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Inventory Accounts(Accounts Software Dubai) Reports Administration
»Category Coding
»Brand Coding
»Unit/s Coding
»Purchase - Cash/Credit
»Purchase Return
»Invoice - Cash/Credit
»Sales Return
»Memorized- Sale Invoice
»Sales Discount
»Head of Accounts
»Chart of Accounts
»Journal Voucher
»Cash Payment Voucher
»Bank Payment Voucher
»Cash Receipt Voucher
»Bank Receipt Voucher
»Post Dated Cheque Receipt
»PDC Transfer to Bank
»Dishonored Cheque
»Cheque Return
»Automated Depreciation
»Automated Prepayment
»Account Statements »Automated and Manual Backup
»Automated Data Restore
»Automated Reminder
»Predefined User RIGHTS
»Closing of Financial Year
»Insertion of Company logo
  »Accounts Receivable
»Accounts Payable
»General Ledger
»Bank Transactions
»Cash Transactions
»Trial Balance
»Balance Sheet
»Income Statement
»Chart of Accounts
»P.D.C. Reports
»Dishonored Cheque Report
»Security Cheque Report
»Depreciation Schedule
»Sales Report with sub- ledgers
»Purchase Report with sub- ledgers
»Inventory Reports
»Payroll Reports

AuditPro – Payroll Management Software automates your time & attendance collection procedure and has the capability to integrate all your data to AuditPro accounting software to reduce double entry. With AuditPro – Payroll Management Software, it streamlined business processes to free up your key person to have more focus on revenue generation tasks of the company.
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» No implementation efforts

» Result Oriented approach

» User Friendly

» Cost Effective

» Secure and Auditable

» Levels of Management

Employee details, passport and visa information, department allocation, basic pay, incentives and allowance, service history and linking with accounts.

The salary component is completely user definable. This could then be attached to various grades

Information about various types of incentives based on skill levels,

Loans & Advances, IT structures

Time Card Entry, Capture of Holiday and Leave details

Salary calculation formula and conditions is completely user definable. The authenticated user can modify these at any point of time.

Final Settlement process arrives at the settlement amount due to the employee on retirement or on resignation and a provision to change the values by the user

Payment of arrears by retrospective calculation of the salary

Pay slip generation and Expenses Summary

Web Hosting Dubai
Website Hosting Dubai
As one of the largest web hosting companies in the UAE (Web Hosting Company Dubai), American Systems custom solutions for any Internet presence. Whether you want to set up a simple 1 page web site; an online storefront for your brick-and-mortar business; or a high-end E-Business portal American Systems Windows packages are perfect for you.

Web page hosting is generally sufficient only for personal home pages . A complex site calls for a more comprehensive package that provide database support and application development platforms (e.g. PHP , Java , and ASP.NET ). These facilities allow the customers to write or install scripts for applications like forums and content management . For e-commerce , SSL is also required. The host may also provide a Web interface (e.g. cPanel ) for managing the Web server and installing scripts as well as other services like e-mail. Some hosts specialize in certain software or services (e.g. e-commerce). They are commonly used by larger companies to outsource network infrastructure to a hosting company.
Types of hosting

Hosting can be split up into several general types:
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    Free hosting : just about all the free web hosting available is extremely limited when compared to paid hosting. Free web hosts generally require their own ads on your site, only allow web-based uploading and editing of your site, and have very tight disk space and traffic limits. Still, most people get their start via free web hosting. Image hosting : hosting only a few different formats of images. This type of hosting is often free and most require registrations. Most image hosts allow hotlinking, so that you can upload images on their servers and not waste space/bandwidth on yours. Shared hosting : one's Web site is placed on the same server as several hundred other sites. A problem with another site on the server can bring all of the sites down. Shared hosting also brings with it some restrictions regarding what exactly can be done, although these restrictions are nowhere near as restrictive as for free hosting. Clustered hosting : designed to eliminate the problems inherent with typical shared hosting infrastructures, it offers the benefits of a dedicated server, but at affordable shared hosting prices. This hosting technology platform provides customers with a "clustered" handling of security, load balancing, and necessary Web site resources. Resources are virtualized beyond the limits of one physical server and dynamic load balancing disperses traffic to ensure performance is optimal for all customer accounts. Reseller hosting : designed for those who want to become Web hosts themselves. One gets a large amount of space and bandwidth that can be divided up among as many sites as the user wants to put on his account. A reseller account is placed on the same server with other reseller accounts, just like with shared hosting but there are fewer accounts. Virtual Private Server (or Virtual Dedicated Server ) hosting: Virtual Private Server technology enables one physical server to house several Virtual Environments which behave exactly like an isolated stand-alone server. This is often a much more affordable solution than a dedicated server, normally offering all the same benefits, such as root access. Dedicated hosting : With dedicated hosting, one gets a server of one's own. They have no restrictions, except for those designed to maintain the integrity of the Web host's network (for instance, banning sites with adult content due to the increase risk of attack by crackers and grey legal issues for the ISP). Unless a separate plan is purchased from the host, the user is also generally on his own. This can be an expensive proposition, as the purchase of the dedicated server itself is generally far more expensive compared to shared hosting. Colocated hosting : This involves a server the user purchases himself and installs at the host's data center . Besides unmonitored reboots, the user must pay extra for many services dedicated hosting provides by default. Colocated hosting is generally chosen by people with server administration experience and those with more significant needs than which can be satisfied by dedicated or shared hosting. This is usually the most expensive and least cost effective option if you are not colocating many servers.

    File hosting : A service that focuses on hosting files such as shareware software, MP3s , games and videos.

Online Promotion Dubai
Online Marketing Dubai
American Systems specializes in Internet marketing and web site promoting service to promote your business effectively on the Internet.
Our staff are experts and have years of marketing experience in successfully designing, developing, and marketing our clients website's. American Systems will effectively market your website by providing search engine registration and positioning services to ensure that your website is found by the people who are looking for your products and services they need. Our staff will ensure that the appropriate HTML tags are inserted within your web pages that search engines need to rank and position your website. This is the most important aspect that should not be overlooked. We will also make sure that your website is listed on the first 10 or first 20 results on the most popular search engines. This will maximize your website's Internet exposure. Many companies brag about being able to register your website to hundreds of search engines on the web, but this does very little good if they are search engines few people use and know about.
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*E-Marketing Dubai*
*Email Promotion Dubai*

Online Promotion is marketing on the Internet . It is a type of e-marketing , which in turn is a type of e-commerce . While at first the confusion of experiments, beta versions of websites, search engines and other online devices cause marketers to consider this world of the Internet unknowable and perhaps too unpredictable, there is now a growing body of work to which marketers are now paying attention in order to develop online marketing programs. The most known tools to marketers in the mid 2000s are currently tools grouped into 2 fields: online advertising and search engine optimization . E-marketing tools used to drive visitors to a web site include:

Pay per click
Search engine optimization
Press releases
Web banners *banner ad dubai*
Link campaign
E-mail and Newsletters
Viral marketing and Word of mouth
Affiliate marketing
news headlines carried by Really Simple Syndication
discussion boards
encyclopedic sites

Online Marketing Activities Smith and Chaffey (2001) describe five key online marketing activities (the '5Ss') which can be applied by an organisation to implement various online marketing tactics. For example, for an e-newsletter, the 5Ss are:

Sell - Grow sales (the e-newsletter often acts as both a customer acquisition tool and a retention tool - the e-newsletter has this dual role)
Serve - Add value (give customers extra benefits online such as an online exclusive offer or more in-depth information about your products or the industry sector)
Speak - Get closer to customers by creating a dialogue, asking questions through online research surveys and learning about customers' preferences through tracking - which content are people most interested in.
Save - Save costs (of print and post if you have a traditional offline e-newsletter can you reduce print runs or extend it to those customers you can't afford to communicate with)
Sizzle - Extend the brand online. A newsletter keeps the brand 'front-of-mind' and helps reinforce brand values. Added value can also be delivered by the e-newsletter by informing and entertaining customers.

E-solution Dubai

E-documentation is a web-based service for the secure storage and access of electronic files and documents for individuals, businesses and corporate enterprise. E-documentation was originally designed to meet the unique confidentiality needs of financial and professional service providers and their clients in such industries as banks, healthcare providers, credit unions, lawyers, CPAs, securities firms, and financial advisors. While portable computers are vulnerable to theft or damage, e-documentation: Internet file sharing system gives the user peace of mind because your important documents and files are safe and accessible, no matter where the user is. Imagine:

> No more losing items when upgrading a computer > No more losing emails and attached files when changing email accounts

  • Comfortably receive bills and statements by email because a secure destination topermanently store them is available
  • No more getting to important meetings and your CD-ROM is scratched or unreadable

> No more traveling between cities and leaving important documents behind e-documentation is the ideal "access from anywhere, anytime" Internet file sharing system to support an e-document delivery application to individuals, be they employees or customers.
What e-documentation Gives You :
> Access to e-documentation Anytime, Anywhere - Whether at home, the office or anywhere you travel, the e-documentation owner has immediate access within 24hrs to important documents and files from any PC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week > The Security of a Bank - People trust their bank with their money because banking practices are regulated and monitored according to federally set standards. You can entrust your electronic assets to e-documentation because: > Our Internet file sharing system and data storage facility and security measures are monitored and reviewed by both an internal and external audit staff > Ease of Use - All that is needed is an Internet connection, a PC and a standard browser to use the service. e-documentation presents an intuitive user interface, based on user-defined folders and drawers, for accessing and managing documents and data.

> Convenience - Ability to easily select a specific file and upload it to your e-documentation system, or download it from your e-documentation system to a PC.